The Britches is a band playing Irish traditional music, born in the fields of Flanders (northern France). The trio plays in celtic music concerts.

Whether through sessions, personal life experiences or simply passion, the Britches carry a little bit of Ireland deep in their heart, and in a way follow the tradition of sharing music, in their own lands.

When the first was discovering Irish music in addition to classical studies, the other was carrying guitar and suitcase countryside of Ireland and the third discovering Irish music in sessions, dreaming big and playing hard. The rest is history... and fate! Few sessions were necessary to get the trio to meet!

The Britches' music is a subtle interpretation of the drive that's so typical to Irish music, and produces a concert that gets to be listened, danced, and that goes great with a fireplace, a pint of Guinness and a group of friends around!

Aurélien Dewaele Guitar, Mandolin

Aurélien plays his mandolin faster than a Paris-Dublin with Ryanair ! Thanks to an energetic yet precise stroke, he brings groove and virtuosity that transport the music.

Adrien Coquelet Violin

With a classical background (Lille Conservatory), Adrien has discovered Irish Traditional Music under the tutoring of Vincent Letreau (Dirty Linen, Gwendal) and has been attending Master Classes with many famous Irish fiddlers to perfect his techniques (Kevin Burke, Paul O’shaugnessy, Antoin Mc Gabhann, Seamus Mc Guire…). He's carrying a repertoire of rare tunes and a a very subtle playing giving the Britches a unique tone.

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Michel Vermeulen Wooden Flute, Bouzouki

Michel is a self-taught musician (although he has been attending classical music school), being both an accompaniment and a melody player in the trio (in addition to being responsible for the jokes). He's travelling to Ireland and France to improve his techniques under the tutoring of some of the biggest names out there (Harry Bradley, Brendan Mulholland, Steph Geremia...).

What is Irish Traditional Music?

We've all heard Irish Traditional Music in the past, or do we ? We usually know the famous Pogues, Dubliners, Chieftains, but what do they have in common and what makes Irish Traditional Music so diverse, and what do we hear in Irish pubs?

Irish Traditional Music is mostly instrumental, sometimes sung, sometimes “lilted” (sung with the tongue in a « yam ba tam tam ba dam tam li la lo » style). Irish Music is passed down to younger generations through sessions, in the oral tradition.

Irish Traditional Music is also danced, in square, in couples, with « soft shoes » or « hard shoes »… Possibilities are endless!

The Britches are playing instrumental music mostly, just like the music you can hear in the pubs round the corner of Ennis or Sligo, with a good pint'a'Guinness and close to the fireplace.